The facade recalls old neighborhood cafés in the spirit of St-Germain during the Belle Epoque.

Inside, the focal point is the inviting bar made of Italian Giallo Real marble. On one side is the bar, on the other the kitchen. These two parallel worlds are placed side-by-side here for the customers to see.

The atmosphere is warm and softly lit, making the place feel like something of a secret.

The menu is short, lively and spontaneous.

The exclusive creations combine the chef’s French roots with his discoveries overseas, especially in Asia. The sashimi, sushi and maki are made to order by a Japanese sushi chef.

In the same spirit, the cocktail menu features globally-inspired creations and reinvented classics. Complementing this is a selection of high-quality sakes from the north of Japan, including the connoisseur’s favorite Heavensake Junmai Daiginio.